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The Benefits of Becoming an Operator Guest

Transit Bus eXchange (TBX) is a relationship-building event for senior and director-level transit and paratransit operators and elite industry suppliers that provide quality products and services to create world-class fleets.

Transit and paratransit operators can expect extraordinary value and receive a full scholarship* to attend!


The entire event is designed so you can share information and expertise with like-minded peers, explore ideas, extend your network and expand your options. As a result, you’ll build unique relationships that will last far beyond TBX — relationships that could change the landscape of your world.

At TBX you’ll get to have two days of interactive meetings and discussions, meals and social functions with other senior transportation peers that will become your cohorts. You’ll also learn about the latest technologies and solutions from senior executives on the supply side that we’ll match according to your needs. The setting is intimate, relaxed and fun and comes with no cost to you or your organization!

Every TBX participant receives a custom-made, personalized agenda based upon their needs that offers

  • Insights and advice from leaders in the industry
  • Interactive roundtable discussions with industry peers
  • Dynamic group presentations from industry suppliers
  • Custom one-on-one consultations with industry suppliers
  • Unique, engaging and memorable social functions
  • Solutions to your current and future challenges


Only 50 applicants will be accepted*. Hurry, and apply today!
*Round-trip airfare, local airport transfers to and from the resort, all scheduled meals, and receptions included.

Transit Bus eXchange

An extraordinary opportunity to connect with senior & director level transit and paratransit bus operators


Join us at the Transit Bus eXchange — furthering the industry through intelligently designed education and networking for the leaders in public transportation.


Gary Blazinsky

The Transit Bus Exchange was an outstanding event where the one-on-one vendor time was informative and productive...the opportunity to build long term business relationships.

-Gary Blazinsky, Administrator, Harford Transit LINK - Harford County Government

John Andoh

“The event was excellent, I had an opportunity to meet with vendors that can give us the necessary equipment and tools so that we can be successful at our transit system.”

-John Andoh, County Transit Director, Dutchess County Public Transit, Poughkeepsie, NY

This was a unique experience where I felt vendors were interested in transit operators wants, instead of just trying to sell their product

-Leslie Pedrosa, Operations Director, Valley Regional Transit

TBX was a great opportunity to get quality time with vendors and to hear about all the latest industry developments...participants from across the country in all different aspects of transit who were able to bring their experience and knowledge.

-Martin Barna, Director of Planning, Alexandria Transit Company (DASH)

Candace Moore

“Great networking opportunity, as well as insight to new technologies that are available with current and potential future suppliers.”

-Candace Moore, Manager of Fleet Services, Ann Arbor Transit Authority, Ann Arbor, MI

Marie Parker

“TBX was a fantastic opportunity to spend one-one-one time with vendors. Unlike large conferences, one can forget who they spoke to because the time spent is in passing. The time talking face to face is invaluable and allows for real connections."

-Marie Parker, General Manager, GoRaleigh, Raleigh, NC

Attending TBX was very beneficial to our agency. As a small operator, it is often difficult to get time with suppliers to learn and build relationships. TBX made that possible!

-Martin Bean, CAO, Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission

Lisa Todd

This was my first time attending...I found it to be an excellent networking event. I appreciated the one-on-one time with various vendors and suppliers as well as their brief group presentations...highly recommend this event to transit operators.

-Lisa Todd, Procurement Coordinator, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission

Great event, networking, shared experience and vendor opportunities all in one place in a short time.

-Bart Wyss, Sr. Director Materials Management and Logistics, UPMC

Ted Ross

“Very well put together and never a boring moment. Great host and food, too.”

-Ted Ross, Operations Manager, Connect Transit, Texas City, TX

Keith Moody

“In the one-on-one sessions & presentations you meet with vendors that you wouldn’t have stopped at their booths during a tradeshow, and they end up being vendors that can help with things you wouldn't have known otherwise. What a great experience!"

-Keith Moody, General Manager, Clemson Area Transit (CATbus), Clemson, SC

This event is the best use of your time. The structure of the event makes sure you meet the vendors that matter to you. I hope I can come again.

-Dave Frasier, Director of Procurement and Capital Projects, Blue Water Area Transit

TBX was a rare opportunity to laser-point focus our attention as an industry on new and old mobility issues while collaborating with industry partners who have solutions ready for market.

-Jon Nouchi, Deputy Director, City and County of Honolulu Transportation Services

Michael Reid

As a new maintenance manager, I found it very valuable meeting suppliers and networking with others.

-Michael Reid, Maintenance Manager, St Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission

Great opportunity to meet with vendors and other operators to discuss trends and latest technologies. The event was very informative!

-Rudy Long, Fleet Administration Supervisor, RTC of Southern Nevada

Debbie Maxwell

“Great experience, the networking was awesome, and the information received was welcome and relevant! The event was well organized with a friendly staff."

-Debbie Maxwell, Assistant Director, Treasure Valley Transit, Nampa, ID